A Virtual Look at Life Along The Canal: The Art of John M. Lamb

The John Lamb Exhibit is officially open.  We understand that it may be difficult for many to join us in person due to COVID-19 restrictions and winter weather conditions, so we will be sharing virtual highlights of the works in case you won’t be able to make it.
This week, we are featuring one of the most exciting pieces in the exhibit.  This ticket booth, created by John Lamb, was designed for the Old Canal Days festival in Lockport.  John was not only crucial in the preservation of the history of Lockport, the I & M Canal, and many canal towns, he also was one of the founders of the festival that brought so many citizens together.  Many times, he would work on his carvings while people would watch and enjoy his craftsmanship.  This beautiful sculpture is one of the first works that welcomes you into the “Life Along the Canal: The Art of John M. Lamb” exhibit, and it begins to tell the story of who John is and why he is such a treasured member of the Lockport community.  Like most of his work, this piece features bright and vibrant colors and features images of the city of Lockport and the I & M Canal.