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The Gaylord Building has been selected as an Our Town grant recipient by the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) for a grant totaling $50,000. The Gaylord Building is excited to lead the creation and execution of unLock: Merging Art and Industry in Downtown Lockport – a citywide multimedia art experience in Lockport, IL that will increase the city’s creative and commercial activity and advance local revitalization efforts by using art to galvanize the city’s unique heritage. Read the full announcement here.


Visit the 3rd Floor Gallery in the Gaylord Building to visit the unLOCK related exhibition

rePORT: An Introduction to the Artists of unLOCK









The 10 Artists of unLOCK:
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Click here to read the official media release from the Gaylord Building

  • Steve Carrelli – “Harvest”, an outdoor sculptural installation that evokes Lockport’s history as a center of grain trade in the 19th century.
  • Maggie Capettini – “I&M Canal: Industry, Memory, Community”, a series of architectural paintings offers the community a fresh take on their surrounding along with programming and activities that engage the community with each other, the history of Lockport, and with the evidence of that history in the present day.
  • Jaclyn Mednicov – “Accumulations”, through fabricated wallpaper collaged with the the histories and memories of the residents of Lockport, stories will merge on one surface in a layered accumulation of images and text.
  • Samuel Love – “Lockport Poetry Project”, an exploration of Lockport’s industrial history and culture through poetry, independent publishing, and public art.
  • John McDavitt – “Lockport by Lockport”, a mural with the theme ‘Legacy of Lockport’ will be an interactive ‘paint-by-number’ artwork for the community.
  • Robert Ryan – “The City of Lockport…Constantly Moving Toward a Brighter Tomorrow”, a public mural displaying the modes of transportation and businesses that defined Lockport as a crucial part of the region’s development and success.
  • Colin Lyons – “Prototype for the Preservation of Degradation”, a project that will inhabit a portion of post-industrial canal infrastructure where an off-the-grid shelter will be created and a printmaking-powered laboratory inhabited by the artist who will assume the role of surveyor, ecologist, and alchemist.
  • May Babcock – “Ebb and Flow: A Papermaking Installation”, a modular, organic piece sculpted from paper created from responsibly collected, local, plant materials and handmade papers.
  • John Siblik – “Garden in the Sky”, thirty 72” spheres will be installed at least 15 feet above ground and tethered in the trees along the I & M Canal.
  • Dylan Fish – “From Dolomite to Dolobyte”, a unique project which will develop a fully-functioning cryptocurrency unique to the town of Lockport that engages the history of mining in the region.


Program Timeline:

  • January 2018: Notification of Artist Selections
  • January 2018: Signed Agreements – The National Trust will enter into agreements with each of the selected Artists.
  • January 2018: Pre-program Exhibit Installation – Example works of all selected artists will be loaned to the National Trust and installed in an exhibit at the Gaylord Building.
  • January – May 2018: Creative Production – Artists will create new works inspired by Lockport’s heritage and identity. Artists will work with Gaylord Building executive director and guest curator to plan installation needs and coordinate programming details, including entering into licensing agreements for the installation of works on private or public property.
  • May 2018: Installation – New works of art will be on display in various downtown locations.
  • June-September 2018: Lockport Summer Arts Series – Associated programming highlighting these works and the creative process will be ongoing throughout this period.
  • October 2018: Program Closeout – A closing event will be held at the end of October 2018. Completed works will be documented using video and still images, and will be shared with a broader audience by the National Trust, Gaylord Building, and the City of Lockport.




City of Lockport, History

Lockport IL, Historic Photographs (Lewis University)

Lockport Area Genealogical & Historical Society

City Data – Lockport IL.

Howard & Lois Adelmann Regional History Collection

Will County Historical Society
803 S State St, Lockport, IL 60441